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We are contracted with Lyra Health. We are also partnered with the Lanterman Regional Center for our social skills program and Early Intervention program.


If you have PPO insurance we can provide you with a Superbill at the end of your session for partial reimbursement of the session. Please contact us to discuss payment options.

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, and credit card payments. We reserve the right to refuse service if the account with our clinic is delinquent. A schedule of our current standard rates will be made available to you.
Please ask if you have any questions about our rates. Although it is our practice to provide as much advance notice as possible, our standard rates and terms are subject to change without notice. In the event that you default in your payment responsibilities, you will be responsible for our costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees.

Therapy Frequency

Treatment is provided in a 50-90 minute session. The sessions per week will depend on the severity of the problem, disorder or delay.


Please attempt to contact 48 hours in advance if you know that you will miss an appointment.


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