Jazmine Ortiz Ulibarri MA, LMFT

Clinical Director 


Jazmine Ortiz Ulibarri is the Founder and  Clinical Director of Sandbox Family Services. Her passion is helping her clients live life to the fullest. She is a sought-after trauma therapist and is passionate about empowering couples and women in all aspects of life, overcoming anxiety/depression, thriving in career and relationships.

Jazmine is a licensed psychotherapist and has dedicated her career to helping couples and women to live their fullest and most authentic lives. She integrates her expertise in trauma recovery, post-traumatic growth, women’s peak performance, mind-body connection, personal/professional development, financial empowerment, attachment, parenting, and relationships into a unique holistic approach that helps her clients to thrive in all areas of life.

Jazmine has extensive experience working with other psychotherapists, CEOs, founders, executives, Women in Tech, and the unique challenges they face.


  • Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Disorders

  • Maternity Mental Health

  • Acculturation

  • Minority women in Tech 

  • IFS

  • Immigration Evaluations

  • Acculturation

  • Trauma (EMDR)

  • Working with other Psychotherapists

  • LGBTQIA2+ Affirming

  • Grief and Loss

  • Women’s Mental Health

  • Works with CEOs, Founders, and Executives

  • Pre-marital Preparation

  • Couples (FOCCUS and EFT)

  • CBT and DBT

  • Spanish Speaking